Adventurous Wedding Gifts

The newlyweds will be desperate for a pick me up of some kind once all the predictable wedding gifts have been stashed away in cupboards. An adventurous wedding gift for two can be saved and experienced together at the right time, giving them a new lease of life. For a really adrenalin pumping hair raising experience, a High Speed Ride at Rockingham in a choice of two-seater racing car, wildly exciting American Stock Car or Pick Up Truck will make them feel really alive. With crash helmet safely in place they will be chauffeur driven around the fastest race track in the UK, inches away from walls and zooming around the oval track at top speeds.

If this is a little too extreme for the bride and groom they are bound to enjoy a half day learning to surf, on the best beaches in Newquay, where they will learn safety and surfing skills and techniques before taking to the waves for a thrilling ride. Aqua Sphereing for Two is a wild and exhilarating experience not to be missed. As unusual wedding gifts go, this has to be the most unusual and the togetherness and bonding that this experience creates between the couple will not be lost on them. Inside huge water filled spheres will be the happy, yet perhaps a tad apprehensive couple, who then roll down a hill, still within this object, probably clutching each other while they are cushioned by the softening effect of the water. Screaming is permitted although really not necessary as they will not actually roll down the hill. Rather, they will slide comfortably down the hill, surrounded by 30 litres of aqua, enjoying an immensely fun experience.

If physical exertion is not their thing, perhaps a scary Ghost Hunting Break for two might have them clinging to one another in fear. This unusual wedding gift is really three presents rolled into one. There is the overnight stay in a beautiful location and quality hotel. In addition, there is the paranormal briefing, including learning to use dowsing equipment and tour around the most paranormally sensitive areas within the building with a psychic. As if that is not enough, there is the sumptuous three course dinner with wine and full English breakfast next day. A debriefing occurs at around 2am, before the couple hit the sack. Sleep is not guaranteed as part of the experience though, as by then they will be scared beyond belief and loving every minute of it.

Another adventurous wedding gift experience for two is the Indoor Skydiving session, taking place in a wind tunnel that is used for racing car aerodynamics testing. With all the right gear on, the couple can enjoy the experience of freefall without the dangers of an outdoor environment. They are bound to love the thrill of this unusual wedding gift as they pretend to be birds learning to fly.

For the more sedate and perhaps older wedding couple, a really fabulous and stylish adventurous wedding gift is a Gourmet Classic Car Day which lets them choose to drive a lovely Alpha Spider or classic Jensen Interceptor and follow a pre-arranged rural route around some of the UK's finest scenery and landscapes. They then stop off for a gourmet lunch in a top quality restaurant before returning back to base. This unusual wedding gift is for those couple who love to pose. So let them pretend that the classic car they are driving is theirs forever. If you can't have your dreams when you are just married, when can you have them?

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