The Wedding Photographer

Photojournalism, which is the collection, editing and presenting of news for publication or broadcast, has become an approach to documenting the wedding adopted by many top wedding photographers in recent years. The photo album almost becomes a documentary. Pictures can be a combination of color and black an white, which gives added interest. The Wedding Photojournalist doesn't just take pictures, they create memories. Many of the photos on a couples wedding day can't retaken. Like the ceremony; when it's over, it's over. Or, when he lifts her veil and they kiss for the first time as husband and wife, you want a wedding professional, who has the right equipment, looking through that lens.

When selecting your wedding photojournalist, the business details such as the contract, album design, number of proofs, schedule, and price are all necessary details that need to be discussed and agreed upon. But the saying, "You Get What You Pay For", certainly applies when shopping for a creative wedding photojournalist. If the price is right, but the pictures aren't, the savings surely won't be worth it. A professional will have professional equipment in quality camera bags.

First, you need to be on the same page in regards to what you're expecting to receive at the end of the day. If there are specific pictures that you want taken, make sure you let your photojournalist know in advance. Don't assume that they'll automatically know. You don't, however, want to over control your photographer. The most memorable shots will be those natural, undirected moments.

If you look at wedding albums of your parents or grandparents, they're pretty much the same. Bride and groom; bride and groom with bride's parents; bride and groom with groom's parents; bride and groom with both sets of parents; bride and groom hands displaying rings; and so on. Couples are now looking for something different. They want their photographs to express who they are and what the day was really about. With maybe a few posed shots thrown in here and there. It takes a skilled creative professional to document your wedding successfully in this style. Capturing the REAL moments of the day, not just what you looked like. Don't trust your treasured memories to an uncle with a camera; trust them to that professional with the camera bag full of high-end camera equipment and accessories that will produce that beautiful, one-of-kind wedding album.

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