Mermaid bridesmaid dress | Color options

Mermaid bridesmaid dressMermaid bridesmaid dress-Black and white

Bridesmaids are generally a group of girls who are friends or relatives of the bride and groom. A bridesmaid is a person whom the bride and groom feel are trustworthy and a good person to represent them on their wedding day. Being a bridesmaid is an honor and should be a joyous role to fulfill. Bridesmaid dresses have thankfully changed over the years changes that we achieve with the mermaids models. In years past, a bridesmaid could be found in a green colored dress with sleeves big enough to sink a battleship. Today, most bridal shops have coordinators who help the bride to select dresses which compliment the bridesmaids figure while staying within the black-white, red and silver color scheme.

Mermaid bridesmaid dressMermaid bridesmaid dress-silver

Mermaid bridesmaid dressMermaid bridesmaid dress-red

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