Instead of wedding

Instead of wedding

It is better to live to get married?
To save money. Many couples justify the decision with this argument: "We can save money if we pay the rent between the two."

Cohabitation has challenges, and if the relationship is not based on love, respect and commitment will be impossible to survive. It is true we live in difficult times, but if you want to save you better get a partner who wants to share an apartment.

Is it good husband? Many think, "If we are not going well, we parted." A relationship that lacks commitment may overcome the difficult moments involved cohabitation.
A husband is not a pair of shoes that give back to the store because you realize that you scraped the toe. Before such a serious step must be sure that it is the man for you.

Dreaming of the veil. Some believe it will be easier to convince the partner of marriage once they are living together. However, he will think: "we are together is the same as being married."

If you really want to hear the wedding bells, avoids move out with your boyfriend. A man who has insecurities to share the rest of your life you will not change because they now share the same address

Some are unhappy with their lives and think that the responsibilities of home and be "almost wife" will give them a purpose to their lives. This is the worst reason to move out with your boyfriend.

Until you find satisfaction with yourself, you can not find it anywhere. As the writer Agnes Repplier said: "It is not easy to find happiness within, but it is impossible to find elsewhere."

Tip: Before you pack your things you'll recall that the main reason for cohabitation is because they both love and are willing to give 100 percent to make the relationship work.

Source: Univision

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