Pura lopez wedding shoes

Pura lopez wedding shoes

Dress up in your wedding shoes !..., princess yeah, you read right princess. As the brand Pura Lopez was chosen to develop Leticia shoes at their wedding, and is also the brand of choice for many celebrities for occasions especiales.Ademas Pura Lopez has collaborated with fashion houses such as Devota & Lomba, Guillermina Baeza, La Perla, Joaquim Verdú, Roberto Verino and Roberto Torretta, among others.

In his collections, Pura López tries to mix fantasy with eclecticism, vitality and comfort. He loves to play with colors, soles and heels, to achieve the perfect balance between all shoe-ins. She loves high heels is mixed with the finest and most subtle leather straps that strategically placed, hold the foot gently but firmly, creating a sexy and attractive. To Pura Lopez shoe is not only a complement, but a key subject to express femininity and seduction, and also the difference between vulgarity and elegance.

These are some models of its latest collection:


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