6 Marriage Most Romantic Location in the World


Many people may be more foreign gk ngdengar Hawaii. One of the major tourist termegah emg in this world famous natural beauty of the store so enthrall.

If you want to perpetuate km interested in wedding lips beach, one km gk when finally choose Hawaii as the location for mengikrarkan km in love with the pairing for life.

New York

Bored with the beach scene? km unnecessary confusion, cz New York can be a option for another km to perform weddings. Km and couples can enjoy the beautiful scenery offered in every corner of the city in New York.


Gk known only as the center of fashion, Paris was also a line of store locations for a couple kilometers and perform weddings.


Capital of the UK this is also one of the largest city in the European area has many famous beautiful gardens knowledgeable. Km and couples can also perform weddings in the town with the wedding theme of "Garden Party".


India is also one of the countries that now many of the candidates selected for mengikrarkan love them. The bride usually monumentalize special moments along the river Gangga.


Dieng, Indonesia. The highest town in Central Java in Indonesia and may be, the religious nuance, bayangin deh ngucapin promise faithful in the place could close with Singgasana-NYA. The Land og Hyang ...

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