India Muslim Marriage

Still remember Secure, a hotel owner Muslim men who eventually invited me and Lam Li to his house to celebrate Idul Fitri? Our relationship is not only a normal relationship between hotel owners and guests. Safely assume I have part of his family and Wanti Wanti-I have to attend the wedding reception sister daughter.

Special for this event, I play the course again from Bikaner to Jaipur. Lam Li can not come. He has principles held firm during the journey around the world - not even repeat the roads that have been passed. I prefer the search experience along the way, no matter if must start again from the starting point.

Secure already prepared everything for me. Once I came to Jaipur, I have prepared a room in the dark losmennya. Now the quality of the inn that is not in my eyes is so extraordinary, because leniency owner. Even had a safe-Wanti Wanti manajernya to a new treat for me as well as possible, because my degree is the family's most important guest, such as a book written in the guest list.

"Why do not you come yesterday?" A safe, "you have been diagnosed one important event in the long procession of weddings. Yesterday night was the event Mehndi, henna paint embellishment to the hands and feet. "

Not apalah. There are still many events that followed next. Weddings in India are very much ritual, held-to-day to spend a full week. Wedding is an event akbar and important for all people. Rupee hundreds of thousands, or tens of millions of Rupiah, spent casually. Dignity, prestige, caste, pride, all indicated through weddings.
Day after tomorrow is the wedding day. This evening the family to invite me to the safe house for men or dulha the event penghibahan dowry. According to Indian tradition, dowry or jehez family came from the women. For parents who have children of women, dowry is a burden in life terberat. Women have children who do not marry very shameful. But children are also expensive to wed, to cost tens of thousands or hundreds of millions of Rupee Rupiah as the dowry paid to the prospective husband.

Large group of us, must be safe to rent a special bus. Most women are members of the family, all dressed in beautiful. Muslim women do not wear clothes like sari Hindu women, but kamiz long shirt and shalwar trousers too big. Kamiz it also arms length. They also wear beautiful jewelry. But once out of the house, blurrrp, all the beauty that directly terbungkus cloth black burka from head to foot, leaving only a pair of eyes that stare the world. It was still closed with a black see-through cloth or black glass eyes.

Landscape Muslim women in the streets Rajasthan contrast indeed. Hindu women in Kerala like the wild colors. Red, yellow, green, orange, blue, purple, in short all kinds of colors more appropriate for the parade on the road. Conversely, women who berbalut Muslim veil or the burka is very simple - black and perfect. I ask first, whether the Muslim women do not need to be put on beautiful clothes with a view? Now I know, beauty is still there, but kept only for those who are eligible. Under a blanket of black cloth that is hidden pretty face with all kinds of jewelry also wear shalwar kamiz with colors that never lose dahsyatnya.
Among women, the family is safe, it is a good marriage is not even included. The bride was still not know who her candidate. Since the engagement - that is the result perjodohan second family - until days later a second marriage is prohibited bridegroom met face. Aman says, adiknya only once saw a photo of her husband before ditunangkan potential. The rest are members of the family's affairs.

Once in the house until the men's, women's families safe busy preparing goods that will dihibahkan. There is shirt, tie, jacket, pants, shoes, coconut, different kinds of candy, cakes, blankets, a green powder, rose bud blooms, razor, deodorant, paper money until the appropriate amount of 151 Rupee. Number'1 'at the end of the amount of money is good omen, and the legal obligation in the wedding ceremony.

Dulha - of the men - very simple indeed. Name Muhammad Salim. Shirt shirt indifferently, as the chill out .. Kumisnya thick, red-faced, surrounded by mothers who come from families prospective wife.

The ceremony begins. One by one the guests from the women feed this form of flour and food to the mouth of the candied dulha. A woman with her head close another sniffer. Salim is not able to enjoy the bribery mothers comfortable with this, because they really know how to play. Disuapkan not directly to the mouth, but played first-turn in front of the face, such as mengiming-imingi children under five. How many times dulha menyosorkan neck. Also how many times he failed. Flour powder scattered on the face.

Each of the five women were given the opportunity bribery, from the mother Aman, his wife, adiknya sisters, brothers, until the brother-in-law. Total, there are more than dozen women. Salim, the bride, immediately after the fatigue event the game ends. Pemberkatan next event is menorehkan pasta with yellow and green in the face and in the hands of the bride. Relatives Aman is also indiscriminate menorehkannya, making the face dulha belepotan not known.
How sederhananya this wedding. But the laughter and joy from the caprice of women and they all sang so sincere, from the heart that appear in. Hopefully they will be the same as gembiranya night in this house that the ship will begin sailing day after tomorrow.

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