Ballet Inspire at Wedding Attire

Whether you grew up performing Swan Lake or just want to look graceful and elegant on your wedding day, turn to the ballet for inspiration. The styles worn by ballerinas can easily be adapted into beautiful wedding attire. From gowns to accessories to hairstyles, you will find many wonderful ideas for your wedding in the world of ballet.
One of the most iconic ballerina fashions is the tulle skirt. While it might be hard to carry off a stiff tutu walking down the aisle, a soft and floating tulle skirt is a beautiful style for a wedding gown. The ethereal layers of netting will make any bride look as though she is practically floating on air. This is a gorgeous choice for a bride at any time of the year.

When it comes to the bodice of your wedding gown, there are several styles that you can borrow from the ballet. Ballerinas often wear the most delicate spaghetti straps to show off their delicate shoulders, and the effect is equally lovely on a bride. Another idea is to wear a wedding gown with a sheer illusion neckline. It is a very demure and refined style.

No matter what your choice for wedding gown, you may want to consider wearing a pair of ballet slippers with your dress. Simple white or pink leather ballet slippers are both comfortable and very affordable. Get them well before the wedding and wear them around the house so that they can mold to your feet. By the day of your ceremony, your ballet slippers will feel like a second skin - perfect for dancing the night away!

The delicate nature of ballerina inspired wedding attire calls for equally dainty embellishments. Tiny Swarovski crystals would look absolutely stunning twinkling on the bodice of a bridal gown or even on a short veil. You can even add a few crystals or pearls as accents on your ballet slippers. Choose the embellishment that will look the best with your wedding jewelry.

Ballerinas are famous for their tightly pulled back hair. The classic bun at the nape of the neck is an easy style for any bride with medium or long hair to wear. You can also have your hairstylist create several tiny braids in the side of your hair that join with a bun towards the crown of the head. The tiny braids weaving into an updo is one of the most current trends in wedding hairstyles. Finish it off with a pretty piece of wedding hair jewelry nestled into the bun.

There is one thing that ballerinas are known for that brides should not try to emulate: the emaciated look. Do not worry that you will not look like a graceful swan on your wedding day unless every bone in your body is prominently on display. The feminine and ethereal nature of ballet inspired wedding attire is a pretty look on brides of all shapes and sizes.

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