Plan your wedding with the latest technology

Plan your wedding with the latest technology

Going to marry, you want to announce to the four winds, but ... have you thought about doing online? The ultimate in organizing weddings is a digital wedding: all sorts of tools that allow you to have constant contact with your guests as quickly and easily as possible through the network. Do not replace traditional invitation cards in ivory, but are a useful supplement and the final ... Want to meet our favorites? Dive into the digital age ... dressed as a bride.

Invitations to reach the mobile
Can you imagine arriving at a wedding, and once the ceremony, you realize you've forgotten the address of the room? This simple gesture and disastrous today is easily solved thanks to wedding guides adapted mobile: your guests they will have to take a look at your phone to find out for sure the exact time of the ceremony or the place in which conclusion of the banquet. The application developed by Movilboda is one of the most effective: you can include the timing of the ceremony, the direction of the room, flat directions, useful telephone numbers and even pictures. Just enter a phone list of those guests who want to receive the guidance of your wedding by sms, for them to automatically download from the Internet and, once installed, you can consult it as often as needed.

Your wedding on Facebook
The social network in the time (say if a country would be the fifth most populous in the world by the number of subscribers) could not be left out of the 'universe weddings': now the latest is to announce your wedding on Facebook for all your acquaintances know the good news at the same time, including those living on the other side of the world, or those companions from childhood to those who do not see for years. The account is free, and only need to create a profile so you can start uploading all the pictures and details of link you want.

Wedding blogs
The traditional log or 'log book' for years jumped to the web: blogs are small spaces on the Internet where you can freely tell what happens to you every moment, and this includes, of course, the road to the altar. In a wedding blog every day telling you all the steps you take to your big moment, in diary form: how to find the perfect flowers, the finishing touches on the dress, catering tasting ... A wonderful memory to everyone you know can read , and will forever be published in the network as part of your love story. The best: if you have questions, you can always check other wedding blogs brides, and learn from their experiences.

Virtual Albums
And if you want something more personalized and comprehensive website in the newspaper of your wedding go much further: it is a publication which can be ordered in print or digital, and offers an interview with highlights of the 'day B', and the image of our wedding the very first flat. A unique and very personal recollection, with which our great moment immortalized in the classic book of photographs, a comprehensive report containing the most emotional moments and anecdotes, with the emotion we have overlooked, and a summary of the news, national and international, most important of the day.

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