Shoes for the Bride

Shoes for the Bride

Although not stand out as much as the dress, the bouquet or the veil, shoes are an essential element in any bride's outfit, and it is important to choose carefully. Apart from their form or how beautiful they may be, the most important thing to keep in mind when selecting wedding shoes is a single prerequisite: comfort. Here we present some models:

Open sandals gold leather, with champagne-colored lace flowers at the ankle and toe, double loop in the form of holding the ankle buckle Villais.

Leather sandal in gold, involving cross buckle detail at ankle and toe. Farrutx

Thick-heeled platforms with 50s-inspired, and cross-toe and rhinestone encrusted gems Villais

A spiked shoes with buckle detail at ankle and semi-circular, Charo Peres.

Toe shoes with low heels covered in satin and clutching his ankle buckle. St. Patrick.

Sandals sharpened in ecru with rhinestone encrusted by Isabel Aguado.


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