Romantic Breakfast for boyfriends

Romantic Breakfast for boyfriends

As I just got married and want to impress your new husband with a romantic breakfast, nothing better than to surprise him with something special as the beautiful pelluches the pictures.

The fruits are essential in a breakfast very complete, so do not forget to place this source of vitamins in your table.

To decorate you place scented candles and a beautiful floral arrangement that provides freshness, color and vitality.

There is a huge variety of styles for you to prepare your table at breakfast time, but this time we have brought for you a few tips to give it a Zen

For this, choose a good linen, discreet and a neutral color such as white. Put the tablecloth and arranges the napkins in a neat and delicate.

Then place the cover as shown in the pictures, accompanied by cups, plates and glasses.

And enjoy romantic breakfast congratulations!

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