Gel nails

Gel nails

Uñas de gel

Looks in your wedding a special manicure, gel get effects like the photo. A touch of glitter and fantasy that will bring your nails to your look, a festive touch. There are plenty of designs to choose from for your hands and even feet. Shims will be very nice if open-toed shoes, you would not pass unnoticed with all the glamor of this manicure.

Always go to a specialized center that offers all the guarantees provided health and safety. Sure near you any. The gel, unlike a simple nail polish, lasts a long time so all parties are impeccable. It also contributes to the hardness and is thicker and is reinforced in the case of having a weak and brittle nails. That is why many women applied the gel but have no special commitment.

The nails offer a neat and clean appearance when wearing a French manicure but with the gel base. You can have your nails a little longer than usual as being tough and strong do not run the risk of breakage at the wrong time.

Source: oaxaca de juarez


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