Second wedding dresses

Second wedding dresses

Segundo traje de novia

Something that has begun to emerge with increasing impact on the second wedding dress for the bride. For this to happen has been taken into account that there are many who choose a gorgeous wedding gown for the ceremony, and then with that same dress to the banquet and will spend most of it with him, but we must admit that generally are not appropriate dress for the second part of the celebration that is when the party starts and dance.

For this reason many brides choose to use this traditional dress until after the bridal waltz and then a change of clothes, choosing another dress that you can be shocking and partying but will undoubtedly be much more comfortable than before to enjoy the joy of finale.

What more is imposed for this second suit is and ignore the solemnity of the wedding dress itself to go to look for something with a touch of color and freshness. It should also be noted that the time is right to change the makeup and give a little more color to the bride's face, thus ending the party completely renovated and beautiful.

Have you ever thought of this option to enjoy more freedom of movement, dance and jokes of your friends? If not, think it could be a great option to consider.



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