Make your own wedding invitations

Make your own wedding invitations

You can design your own wedding invitations in a very simple and economical with Vistaprint. And besides Be the first to take 5 products FREE! when you order from this link.

1. Choose the format of invitation do you like (on a sheet, folded, stretched, etc) and download the template.

2. Create Your Own (photoshop or similar program). If you are not good at design programs, you can choose a customizable models offer. Alternatively, pick a photo image that you like and integrate them into your invitation.

3. Select the text of your invitation. If you're not sure, there are sites with many ideas to write the text of the invitations, for example, for text Regalosdibenetto marsinvites you're informal and formal texts. While you will be better if you customize the text and include a phrase or quotation, something that is special to you.

4. Send them to print. In a simple and fast will the invitations in a few days at home. (This option is perfect for people who do not have much time off work or when the shops are closed)

Plus: Give a personal touch and color to your invitation envelopes choosing color (purple, green, blue, ... pick your favorite)

For you to serve as an example these are two models I've done this morning, the first is a folded invitation cards and the second a long, ready to write the text.


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